C-PACE helps municipal leaders of all types succeed

The Green Bank is supporting community leaders in uing C-PACE to drive value in their towns or cities. Download or share our one-pager to see how.

Elected Officials. Elected officials want to see employment and business growth, a stable tax base, and a healthier environment for the town or city and its residents. C-PACE delivers on these and sends a strong message that the municipality is open for business.

Economic Development Professionals. Providing local businesses with solutions is a critical part of economic development. With C-PACE, business owners can improve their properties, their operations and financial positions simultaneously. Doing business in a town or city with C-PACE means green energy financing is more accessible and affordable and puts lower operating costs in reach, which makes being one of the municipalities in Connecticut to offer C-PACE is a competitive advantage.

Tax Collectors. Tax collectors can rest assured that their support of C-PACE green energy financing is supporting local institutions in pursuing economic and environmental goals, creating a healthier environment and healthier economy. Plus, it utilizes a familiar repayment mechanism – voluntary benefit assessments on a property tax bill – making it a simple program for municipal officials to implement. Connecticut Green Bank works directly with tax collectors to help facilitate and explain all aspects of C-PACE implementation and collection.

Clean Energy Task Force Members. Green energy advocates are key ambassadors in the community, spreading the word about sustainability. C-PACE gives these valuable stakeholders a product they can use to help local businesses take action and a way to make their community a healthier place to live and work.

The resources are here to help

This site provides all the materials needed to familiarize colleagues and other stakeholders, including building owners, with C-PACE, and to accelerate their understanding and appreciation of C-PACE in the Resource Center.

Municipal officials can also contact the Connecticut Green Bank, a trusted partner for municipalities, for help in understanding how C-PACE works, and why it is unlocking economic and environmental opportunities in Connecticut.