Flexible payment options put new C-PACE borrowers in control!

Building owners now have more ways to use C-PACE to reduce operating expenses and realize immediate financial relief.

C-PACE helps building owners take control of their OpEx by reducing energy costs for years, with projects structured so that energy savings should be greater than repayment terms. With margins thinner than ever and uncertainty at all-time highs, new payment options mean borrowers can immediately realize even more stability and relief.

Connecticut Green Bank is providing multiple repayment options for new C-PACE borrowers. These options provide
flexibility by allowing borrowers to select the option that best helps them overcome the unique challenges they’re facing. By leveraging these options to defer all or some of their initial payments on a C-PACE project into the future, borrowers can give their business more time to recover while still enjoying the advantages of an energy saving project today.

The Green Bank will design the most advantageous financing package for each borrower’s needs using either traditional C-PACE financing, or by leveraging one of these flexible repayment options:

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