Advantages of C-PACE for contractors

Trusted Partner

Contractors will be working with an experienced and trusted partner. The Connecticut Green Bank – a national leader in the green energy movement – has extensive experience working with contractors and building owners, and making C-PACE work for them. Building owners feel more comfortable closing projects when they know the Green Bank is a partner.

Sales Support

C-PACE contractors have access to significant sales support. Training sessions and webinars, marketing materials, and technical support make it easier for contractors to find more deals. The Green Bank has the resources and know-how to support contractors at every step. Contractors benefit from technical review services that provide credibility to the energy savings projections that they present to building owners.

Get Recognized

The Green Bank recognizes its C-PACE contractors by listing them on the C-PACE website as a C-PACE Registered contractor and by providing them program logos and materials.  Contractors performing at a higher level may be recognized with an annual PACEsetter Award.

More Business

C-PACE creates value for building owners with energy upgrades that pay for themselves through energy savings. Contractors who offer C-PACE can capitalize on green energy opportunities to build more business. C-PACE contractors gain access to new customers across many industries and building types and can develop deeper, more comprehensive, and more profitable projects.

Advantages for your clients

Once C-PACE is explained, building owners quickly understand why it’s such a strong solution:

  • C-PACE provides 100% financing with no money down – overcoming the hurdle of a lack of capital.
  • C-PACE connects clients with projects that can be immediately cash flow positive, putting them in control of their energy usage. Contractors work with Connecticut Green Bank and technical consultants to present projects to building owners with credible energy savings predictions.
  • C-PACE enables many forms of energy upgrades, from solar panels to new chillers to energy efficient HVAC systems.
  • C-PACE instills confidence. Building owners enjoy working with contractors who use C-PACE because of the support of the Green Bank, and technical providers who can make building owners confident that savings should be greater than their investment.
  • Building owners who use C-PACE have more comfortable buildings for their tenants, employees or customers.