How municipalities can start to take advantage of C-PACE in 2 easy steps

Nearly 130 Connecticut towns and cities now offer C-PACE financing. Here’s how your municipality can get started.

  1. Contact the Connecticut Green Bank, the administrator of the C-PACE program. If your town or city has not already opted-in to C-PACE, this simple step will expedite the process and give you the information and guidance necessary to move forward. Connecticut Green Bank will send representatives to municipal meetings or functions to share information and insight on how the program works.
  2. For municipalities to join the C-PACE program, their legislative body must opt in by passing a resolution that empowers the municipality to sign an agreement with Connecticut Green Bank. Signing the agreement means that the municipality agrees to assign, assess, collect, and remit benefit assessments to the Connecticut Green Bank in return for the energy improvements buildings will receive with C-PACE financing.

Once these two steps are complete, businesses in a participating town or city can apply for C-PACE financing.

Resolution & Agreement: