C-PACE builds stronger, healthier communities in the towns and cities where it’s offered

  1. Grow your economy. C-PACE offers opportunities for economic development in the communities that have opted in to the program by supporting job growth, increasing property values and strengthening the stability of tax bases, and fueling local investment. Lowering the cost of energy improves a business’s bottom line, freeing resources for it to grow and thrive.
  2. Improve your building stock. Companies seeking new brick and mortar assets want the newest, most advanced forms of energy production and energy efficiency. C-PACE creates a stronger, more competitive portfolio of modern buildings in the towns and cities it serves.
  3. Create a healthier place to do business. The benefits of green energy upgrades don’t stop with a company’s bottom line and ability to compete and win. Individual towns and their residents all take pride in having a cleaner, healthier and more competitive place to work and live.
  4. Have confidence in C-PACE thanks to trusted collaborators.  The Connecticut Green Bank, a quasi-state authority and the administrator of the C-PACE program, will work with municipalities to educate everyone involved about the value of C-PACE and how to integrate it with existing processes. C-PACE is repaid through benefit assessments, making it similar to a sewer assessment or other municipal assessment, a familiar means of repayment. When a municipality embraces C-PACE, it can be confident in its alliance with an experienced and tested partner, and the processes at work.

The resources are here to help

This site provides all the materials needed to familiarize colleagues and other stakeholders, including building owners, with C-PACE, and to accelerate their understanding and appreciation of C-PACE. C-PACE benefits municipal officials of all types, and Connecticut Green Bank (a trusted partner for municipalities) is available to speak to any constituents directly to explain C-PACE, how it works, and why it is unlocking economic and environmental opportunities in Connecticut.